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I bought my dress from the Schaumburg, IL store, amd they were sooooo sweet to me until I gave them the money.... Then, they discountinued the bridesmaids dresses and told us we can get any other dress we want, so we spent another 3 hours trying on dresses, finally picked one out that we all agreed on came up to tell them that this was the one we wanted.."oh, well this is not the same brand, so that will be $100 a person" after they told us that we can pick any dress in the store and they will pay the difference.

So we went back and got the right one that we were allowed to pick. Then, it took 8 months for the dresses to get here, and every week they said that they would be here within a week, this went on for 3 more months. Finally we had the dresses, and the regional manager said that we can have free alterations. When one of my bridesmaids came in to get her alterations, Katie, the manager told her that I(the bride) is a liar and was putting words in her mouth and she never promised us these alterations.

She also refused to call the regional manager on her cell phone. Then the receptionist called and it was a 2 second phone call and the regional manager approved it. After the alterations were done, my friend called to go and pick it up and Katie picked up the phone and took her info to call her back and of course never did. My friend called again a week later and the receptionist gave her the number of the seemstress to call her herself, and the seamstress said that the dress had already been there for over 2 weeks and she can go and pick it up.


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I have never been anything but happy with Brides By Demetrios! My mom actually bought her wedding gown and bridemaids from here as did my two sister!

:) And all three of them were completely happy with all their wedding gowns and bridal party gowns. I am very sorry you had that experience but that is most definitely not the norm.

I plan on going through Brides By Demetrios for my wedding, hehe...whenever that may be! :)

Lifelong Brides By Demetrios Customer!


The top two comments sound like they were written by the store.. I wouldn't trust Demetrios in Schaumburg.


We bought my daughter's wedding dress at Demetrios in Schaumburg and had a wonderful experience. Shirley was the bridal consultant you helped my daughter find the dress of her dreams, and boy is it!

My daughter tried on three dresses that we had chosen, we told Shirley we wanted something different, a style not everyone has seen. She went to pick out a dress and she had the right dress on her first try. Shirley teared up when she saw the dress on Barbara, Barbara was glowing, it was THE DRESS.

My soon to be son-in-law is in the Navy and we were planning a quick wedding (3 months to plan) so getting the dress in quickly was essential. Shirley put a rush on the dress, it's in, being altered, and the sweetest most beautiful dress we've ever seen and at a very reasonable $1800.00.

The entire staff at this store has been very helpful and sweet.


I'm so sorry that you had to go through that experience. As a former Demetrios consultant, I know first hand how the process goes.

Trust me, it is sometimes very frustrating to us when we try to give a customer the best service and things like backups on shipping dates or other things come up . I've worked at another popular bridal salon where the same thing happened. Just to let you know though, the bridesmaids dresses at demetrios are not owned by them. They're owned by different companies that have their own shipment schedules and product availablilty.

Many times those companies discontinue styles without notice unfortunately. And if that company is available at other stores and discontinues a dress style, the same thing would occur as it did at Demetrios. It sounds as if that's what happened. It's no fault of Demetrios on that part.

However, you should have been made aware that the dress was discontinued before hand if at all possible. The other mishaps that occured did seem odd to me.

Again, I'm sorry for what happened. I hope other viewers and potential clients give Demetrios a chance despite this particular circumstance.

to Anonymous #594026

I too have worked for Demetrios and the above person is correct, The employees at the stores take a lot of rudeness from brides that do not understand that the vendors have control of the orders and the delivery is sometimes not what the stores are told. If you have a problem just know that the employees are doing all they can to help and if you are patient and without yelling and curseing at the store employees your dresses will arrive. Our store had quick alterations so keep a positive attitude and remember how you are treated is sometimes not how it seems.

to shopper #594028

I love Demetrios and all my family does also. There are some of us who live in different cities that didn't get the service that the best stores do but that happens everywhere you shop.

The Texas store is the best.

The dresses are gorgeous and the company has been around for many years so if there is a problem just give a call to the corporate office like we did and all is taken care of and on time. :)

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