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My fiance and I purchased a wedding dress, petty coat,veil, tiera & flower girl dresses from the tacoma Wa, location 2007. My veil & dress were delayed for a few months & when I did recieve it, they both were the wrong colors!

The managment & staff refused to do anything about it because my fiance signed some pw at pos. He had to because it was his cc. Anyway, after pleading with them & being told if I left the property w / the goods I would have no chance of possible exchange, I had to leave it behind & wait for the district mngr to contact me.

So here I was with a few months untill my wedding day with a white dress & an egg shell veil!

It was sooo noticable! BBD was lying to me saying that I ordered these mixed colors, which I didnt ! After a few weeks of trying to get something done, I found a reciept w/ my exact order on it for the veil & dress, so there was no more refuting it, right? Wrong!

They never changed the colors of either dress or veil, because at pos/initial purchase my fiance signed the fiance reciept & in small writing it stated no exchange or refunds!

This obviously counts despite the fact that they messed up, but they didn't want to work w/ me at all, so I took a loss of $3,500 & never got the colors right! They were so rude & had no regard for there customers.

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Rogovatoye, Belgorod, Russian Federation #287325

I am having a problem with my dress as well. Have they been sued because of this?

i am out 2000 on a dress because they ordered it way too big and wont even help me with alterations and other tailors wont touch the dress. i am 6 weeks out from my wedding.

to jamie #594020

Go into the store speak to the manager in a calm low tone and ask her to contact coorporate on your behalf. They have someone in New York that handles just these types of problems. They will help you.

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